//GET CLARITY!// Hydrating + Grow CLEANSER, 8oz.


Entwine® is hydration and the first step in getting your hair hydrated is to properly detoxify, cleanse & stimulate the follicle for growth...new from Entwine® GET CLARITY Hydrating & Grow CLEANSER with GRO-PEPTIDE COMPLEX

Boasting with hydrating lather, our super sleek hair & scalp cleansing wash removes dirt, gunk, build up & all the things that could be blocking your hair's blessings. This highly stimulating experience helps boost the growth cycle of the hair follicle for faster, healthier hair growth and get your hair ready for REAL HYDRATION.

  • Cleansing has never felt this stimulating...a gentle & naturally balanced way to cleanse & condition the hair, detoxify the scalp and invigorates the follicle for growth.

“Texture Inclusive” Formula for Results on All Textures & Types of Hair


  • Water soluble for featherlight hydration. - Generates 90% less buildup compared to traditional co-washes and conditioning shampoos - Can be used more often than cream & oil based co-washes, shampoos, cleansers without the build up
  • boasting with hydrating lather, never over-cleanses or stripping
  • Detoxifies, exfoliates & soothes the scalp
  • Clears and unclogs the follicle to accelerates hair growth
  • Gently cleanses, removes build up, detangles & strengthens, while preparing the hair for hydration
  • pH balanced & color safe.

100% Liberated from SLS, Parabens, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Silicone, Butters, Oils, Gluten + Alcohol

What makes it work?

+Gro-Peptide Complex™ crafted to increase collagen production and stimulate healthy new hair growth by treating the scalp and hair follicles at the cellular level

Infused with 100% RAW + PURE

+H2O, Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Honey, Green Tea Leaf, Lemon Extracts, Menthol, Biotin

What it does?

This artful balance of natural science works on 3 levels to detoxify, cleanse, condition, hydrate & stimulate growth:

  1. Follicle: Choking residue is removed from around hair follicles to unclog pores which can lead to hair loss, while increasing the production of collagen to stimulate the follicle generate new hair cells
  2. Scalp: To lift & exfoliate away dirt, debris, dead skin cells, sebum/oil, impurities for a healthy environment for growth
  3. Hair: Gently remove product build up, environmental pollutants, calcium & minerals deposits from hard water and dulling, weakening residue. Strengthens and protects each hair strand to reduce breakage, shedding & hair fall to maintain length


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