About Us


Established in 2009

We exist to be change agents within a global community, helping women, men and children of African descent accept themselves, their beauty, the potential of their community and the infinite potential they possess within.

We understand that hydration is the foundation of healthy hair, skin, body & beauty. By helping people find solutions to reign over their “Dry Life” issues, we support them in ruling over every area of their life…creating tools for mental, social, emotional and economic change by starting with embracing their hair and it’s beauty.

“I live a DRY LIFE…from head to toe…My skin, Dry. My Feet, Dry. My hair, DRY, and needing some love and affection. I don’t feel as confident in this DRY life. I sometimes feel I’m not living to my fullest potential. If I can conquer my DRY Life issues, that’s one less thing I have to battle with in my life.

I’m a WOMAN, living life and transforming lives. Doing all I can to get the most out of life and to provide the best for myself and my loved ones. I want to feel beautiful, I want to feel powerful, I want to feel sexy, I want to feel desirable; and I want my life to be a reflection of this desire.

Carpe Diem! It’s time to seize the day and rule over my life and my beauty… I can have it all…the career, the family, great friends and sexy, healthy hair . For me being sexy is not just about my outer beauty, but it starts from within; with a knowing that my beauty is self-defined and by me embracing and loving every inch of me. I can have it all and be Sexy…Confidence is Sexy, Hydrated hair is Sexy. Natural Hair is Sexy… Entwine is SEXY! Reign Over Dryness. Rule Over Life…Reign On!”

We are about the diaspora of African Hair Texture –We start with understanding the needs of kinky hair as the foundation of hair of African linage with the understanding that all other textures are admix of that foundation

Most companies focus on the loose, soft curl customer, which honestly is a much easier hair type to care for. We decided to focus on addressing the hydration and styling needs of the much neglected tightly coiled hair texture…we call this hair texture “Texture EVE”…it is the originating texture of all hair on earth…because man and womankind started/originated in Africa….and from “Texture EVE” all other textures & types emerged…curly, wavy, & even straight hair, they all came from Texture Eve.

We understand that if we conquer the dry hair issues of the Kinky texture, we Conquer the Dry hair needs of all curls, because the kinky texture is the mother of all curls…

With entwine we bring all textures together…because everything gets better when it comes together.

–We are Hydration
•Firmly seat ourselves in the hair care market, owning the Hydration proposition, beyond our fashion position.
–We are the Professional Natural Hair Experts
•Seat ourselves as the “The Experts in Professional-Grade, Salon-Proven Hydration & Styling products of highly textured natural hair
–We are about the 4c Hair texture
•Focus on the vast textures of hair in the African diaspora
–We are Styling Innovation & Education
•Innovate and education in natural hair manipulation and styling.
– We Are the Fashion & Beauty Experience
•Enhance our brand image as a complete lifestyle beauty brand


    Amour Hair and Beauty
    (Entwine Couture Europe)

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